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1. Please fill out the fields of the form in capital letters.

2. In Section 3: Your Order Details, please fill out the following:
* Item code - this is the code of the item you would like to buy and you may find it in the price list of items
* Item name - this is the name of the item
* Ordering Options - specify the hat color and/ or your measurements
* Price - this is the price of the item and you may find it in the price list. This is the price per 1 unit.
* S&H - this is Shipping and Handling charges per 1 unit. You may find it in the price list. If you order more than 1 unit you should multiply the quantity by S&H cost.
* Qty - fill out the quantity of this item you would like to purchase.
* Total - multiply price by quantity for each separate line.
* SubTotal - add all Total amounts (vertical sum).
* Discount - fill out the amount of discount (in USD) you use with your coupon. Note that discount applies to Price of the item only not S&H costs.
* Total S/H - add all S&H amounts (vertical sum)
* TOTAL - calculate this following the formula: [SubTotal] + [Total S&H] - [Discount].

3. Let us know about your order details and payment method. You are welcome to submit your order in one of the following ways:
* By Email: You may submit your order and measurements online, the fastest method of order processing. Write down email message with the information about your order (use the fields in this form) and send it via email directly to liturgix@liturgix.com. An order confirmation will be emailed back with products' update and your order's ship date.
* By Fax: You may fax your order Toll-free @ 1-866-U-2-FAX-US.
* By Phone: You may call your order Toll-free @ 1-866-Liturgix or (847) 881-1084. Our representatives will be happy to take your phone order or answer your questions. We will be happy to assist you further in finalizing your payment. If we are away, we'll return your call and talk to you regarding any other questions you may have.
* By U.S. Mail: You may send in your order and measurement chart to our mailing address:
P. O. Box #181862
Coronado, CA 92178
When placing the order, please specify the shipping method -- regular or express delivery. Also, please submit the billing address and phone number of the credit-card holder, in case that information is requested by the issuing bank when your payment is processed.
please feel free to contact us with additional questions or should you have difficulty completing your order:
send mail to: P. O. Box #181862, Coronado, CA 92178, USA or email us at liturgix@liturgix.com
fax us Toll-Free at 1-866-U-2-Fax-US or 1-866-823-2987, & call us at (847) 881-1084, or toll-free at 1-866-Liturgix

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