ORTHODOX LITURGICAL VESTURES: Sets of Bishop, Priest, Deacon & Subdeacon vestments WELCOME! Your Church will change forever! SACRED VESSELS: Chalice, diskos with star, spear & spoon zeon and tray, anointing stick, litya set, prosphora seal, and much more
STICHARIONS: Variety of colors and designs (plain design, with embroidered appliques or brocade band decorations) Pectoral, Altar and Blessing CROSSES (brass or nickel-plated)
EPITRACHILIONS: A nice collection in gold, ruby, sage and indigo textiles designs. Get your favorite one, adorned with embroidered crosses VIGIL LAMPS: Fill out your church with special spirit! (gold-plated, brass and nickel-plated)
Inner- and Outer- CASSOCKS in classic colors: Excellent Quality! Make your choice! CENCERS: Fill out your church with special spirit! (used during liturgical ceremonies)
CHALICE VEILS (Aer and Coverlets): matching your liturgical vestments. Find out what you need to complete your liturgy set! MISCELLANEOUS CHURCH SUPPLIES: A nice collection of candlesticks, wedding crowns, head coverings for monks, priests amd bishops, tabernacles, communion sets, etc.
EMBOSSED ICONS HAND-PAINTED ICONS of Christ, the Mother of God, Saints,  etc.

Your church will change forever!
At LITURGIX.COM we offer solutions for your church. Pick up a wide variety of religious items -- from clothing to general church supplies. You will find an incredible selection of Orthodox Christian Bishop, Priest, Deacon vestments, inner- and outer- cassocks, sticharions, epitrachelions, chalice veils, sacred vessels, chalice sets, diskoses, censers, vigil lamps, tabernacles, candlesticks, hand-painted icons and more...

And, as you will notice, our products are very affordable.

Each of these offered items is a religious artifact used during various church ceremonies and is made following the long-established canons of the Christian church.
Your choice could be a marvellous indelible addition to any religious collection.
It would also make for a wonderful church donation or gift.
You are welcome to contact us with additional questions or
should you have difficulty completing your order. Thank you.

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