Brocade Set of Chalice Veils (Aer and 2 Coverlets, with Fringes

Code: L0036 (AC037)
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Description: Aer (Sl. Vozdukh) is the largest of the three veils used for covering the diskos and the chalice during or after the Eucharist. It represents the shroud of Christ. When the creed is read, the priest shakes it over the chalice, symbolizing the descent of the Holy Spirit. The Coverlets are the small covers which cover the chalice and the diskos. The aer and the coverlets represent the swaddling clothes in which Jesus Christ was wrapped after birth, as well as His burial shroud.

Each set of chalice veils consists of an aer (approx. dimensions: 30" x 22 5/6") and two coverlets (approx. dimensions: 16 1/2" x 16 1/2")

This kalimata set is tailored in green liturgical brocade with interwoven sage-green and yellow silk-thread religious symbolic signs (crowns), trimmed with golden metallic-thread fringes, adorned with embroidered crosses. The chalice veils are woven following the long-established canons of the Christian church and is of very high quality.


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