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White Sticharion (Armenian Style) Decorated with Lace

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Price: US$ 179.95

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Sticharion (Gr. Stichar, Lat. Alb; Sl. Podriznik) - The long undergarment of the clergy, with close sleeves, worn under the phelonion (chasuble) or the sakkos.

Description: This is a brand new sticharion (Armenian style) tailored in white satin polyester with figures interwoven, trimmed with white lace down, close to the feet, around the neck and cuffs. This clothing is woven following the long-established canons of the Christian church.

Size: Each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements. To submit your measurements online, please go to our measurement diagram.

Cleaning & Care Instructions:
Wash at low temperatures, using weak detergents. DO NOT BLEACH. Dry in an aired space inside out, and not exposed to direct sunlight. Ironing: Use low temperature and iron the clothing inside out.


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