Indigo Priest Vestments with Indigo&Gold Crosses (Greek Style)

Code: V0038 (CC130)
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Description: This brand new Eastern Orthodox Liturgical Vesture (Greek style) is used during liturgical ceremonies and does serve as a reminder of the beauty and magnificence of our call as Orthodox Christians: to worship God with our whole being-body, mind and soul.

This Priestly Vesture is made of indigo-blue liturgical brocade (a highly ornamented fabric) with interwoven dark-indigo silk-thread and golden metallic-thread symbolic signs (crosses) trimmed with golden metallic-thread galloon. All decorations (crosses and icons, 11 pcs) are hand-made. The Set of Priest clothing is woven following the long-established canons of the Christian church and is of very high quality.

Each set of priest vestments consists of a phelonion (chasuble), a sticharion (alb), an epitrachelion (stole), a zone (belt-like cincture), cuffs (epimanika), and an epigonation (palitsa). Please, take into consideration that each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements and all accessories (embroideries and/or color of the sticharion) are chosen to match your vestments textile (BLUE is the traditional color of the Mother of God, as she is the Queen of Heaven).


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