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Indigo Polyester Under-Cassock (Russian Style)

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UNDER-CASSOCK (Gr. Anteri, Rhason or Rason; Sl. Podrasnik or Podriasnik; Inner Cassock; Mantija) - A long, floor-length garment with long narrow sleeves (fitted like shirtsleeves). Under-cassock is a non-liturgical robe worn by Orthodox clergy under the outer cassock both as ordinary daily clothing and underneath "liturgical robes" (vestments which are worn during church services). The cassock symbolizes the expiration of a clergyman in this world, and his burial and subsequent dedication to God and the Heavenly Kingdom. Wearing the under-cassock is common to bishops, priests, deacons, monks and nuns (permission to wear it is often given to seminarians, monastic novices, sub-deacons and readers in parishes).

Description: This is a brand new Under-Cassock (Russian style) tailored in dark-indigo middle-weight wash and wear polyester that drapes beautifully and has deep color tones. Beautiful and long-lasting, it is good for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Tailoring features in this unlined clergy garment include:
- front side: functional button closure at collar and waist, with a chest pocket (on the right)
- a robe close-fitting around the waist and flared (down close to your feet)
- concealed left and right full pockets
- close-fitting sleeves, with cuffs decorated with buttons (optional)
- appropriate indigo embroidery and piping around collar, cuffs, down front panel and edging the pockets (optional)

This garment may be tailored in your choice of model: with/ without piping, embroidery, chest pocket, cuffs decorated with buttons.

Size: Each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements. To submit your measurements online, please go to our measurement diagram.

Cleaning & Care Instructions:
Wash at low temperatures, using weak detergents. DO NOT BLEACH. Dry in an aired space inside out, and not exposed to direct sunlight (black dye fades). Ironing: Use low temperature and iron the clothing inside out.


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