Red Bishop`s Mitre (with Four Icons)

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Description: The bishop's crown (also known as mitra or miter) is a traditional, ceremonial head-dress for bishops in Eastern Orthodoxy. The crown is worn on the head during Divine Liturgy and represents Christ the King. The MITRE (Gr. Mitra) serves as an emblem of power bestowed upon a minister of the Church. The mitra is properly worn by the bishop.

This is a light-weight bishop's head covering made of red velvet and fully-lined inside for comfort. This bishop's mitre is richly ornamented with golden metallic-thread embroideries, rhinestones and beads in corresponding colors. Also each crown is adorned with four hand-painted icons depicting the four Evangelists. Each mitra worn by the bishop is surmounted by a golden-plated cross (dimensions: 1 1/6" x 2"), which is encrusted with stones. Each crown comes in a tubular black leather carrying case.

Because this mitre is made-to-order and because of the elaborate design and handwork, it takes 30 to 45 days for work completion.


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