Brass Tabernacle with a Gold-Plated Host Box

Code: C4000 (MI001)
Price: US$ 435.95


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Tabernacle (Gr. Artophorion; Sl. Darochranitelnitsa) - An elaborate ark or receptacle kept on the Altar Table, in which the Holy Gifts of the Eucharist are preserved for the communion of the sick, or for the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts during Lent. It often takes the form of a miniature church building or cathedral.

Description: This is a brand new brass Tabernacle (approx. dimensions: 15 2/3" in height; base width: 6 5/7"; base height: 2 1/5"; body width: 4 1/2") with religious engravings on the base and a gold-plated host box.

For safe transportation, the tabernacle is shipped disjointed with a scheme and detailed instructions how to pur the separate pieces together.


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