Gold-Plated Portable Communion Set

Code: L5110 (MI110)
Price: US$ 339.95


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COMMUNION SET - A small tabernacle which contains the utensils for bringing Holy Communion to those who are ill.

Description: This is a brand new Gold-Plated Portable Communion Set (approx. dimensions: 1 7/9" x 3 1/2"; 6" in height). This wonderful compact set consist of nickel-plated tabernacle (the box) with a hinged lid and engraved three-bar cross on top of the cover and inside are gold-plated utensils for bringing Holy communion (a small tabernacle, a communion cup, clips, a spoon and a cruet for wine/water.

This set is religious artifacts and is made following the long-established canons of the Christian church. It is an indelible addition to any religious collection and would also make for a wonderful church donation or gift.


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