Silk-Brocade Set of Deaconate Vestments (Single-Length Orarion)

Code: V0061 (OCC301)
Price: US$ 349.95


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This set of deacon's vestments consists of a sticharion (alb), an orarion (orar, stole) and cuffs (epimanika, manacles). Because they are individually handmade, small variations in design, color and pattern should be expected.

- a set of deaconate vestments, which is hand-tailored in the face material of your choice
- with a full satin lining in the color of your choice to ensure proper draping and long life
- a set trimmed with golden-metallic/silvery-metallic galloon
- a deaconate sticharion adorned with a golden-metallic/silvery-metallic applique cross, which is decorated with beads
- a single-length orarion adorned with 3 or 7 golden-metallic/silvery-metallic applique crosses, which are decorated with beads
- a short orarion finished with golden-metallic/silvery-metallic fringe


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