Polyester Cassock with Band Cincture (Roman Style)

Code: N0036 (OCU401)
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Description: This is a brand new Cassock (Roman style) with band cincture (sash) both tailored in black fine polyester that drapes beautifully (good for both everyday wear and special occasions). The sash is made of two pieces which are sewn together. One piece goes around the waist (same measurement as the waist size of the cassock for length) as a waistband. The other piece that forms the cincture is the one which hangs down the side.

Tailoring features in this clergy garment include:
- a single-breasted closure fastened down the center of the front with numerous small buttons (24 pcs or 12 pcs)
- a 4" wide band cincture, with a velcro closure and 4" fringes attached to the hanging edges
- an inch collar opening
- lightly padded shoulders
- deep cuffs
- fully-lined torso to the waist and fully lined sleeves
- inverted pleats on the side and center back
- full pockets concealed in the side pleats
- cord in corresponding/contrasting color edging the cuffs, front opening and the cincture
- fabric-covered buttons in corresponding/ contrasting color


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