Double-Breasted Cassock (Anglican Style)

Code: N0030 (OCU403)
Price: US$ 209.95


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Description: This is a brand new Cassock (Anglican style) tailored in black fine polyester that drapes beautifully (good for both everyday wear and special occasions).

Tailoring features in this clergy garment include:
- an overlapping front closure (double breasted) with three buttons (left, center and right)
- concealed closure at waist (two buttons: one on the left side and one on the right side)
- a two-inch collar opening
- lightly padded shoulders
- deep cuffs
- lined torso to the waist and fully lined sleeves
- inverted pleats on the side and center back
- combination of full pockets and side openings/slits concealed in the side pleats


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