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Completing your gift certificate form is easy. Simply fill out and submit your name and address along with the name and address of the person, church or organization who will be receiving the certificate. Make sure all the required fields are specified (indicated with an asterisk sign in front).

1. Gift Certificate Details
We'll include the sender's name, the recipient's name, and a message on the gift certificate
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Please, check e-mail addresses; one small typo and we won't be able to communicate with you regarding your order.
To speed up the Gift Certificate receipt, please provide the recipient's email address (the gift certificate will be emailed to the recipient and could be used immediately).
2. Add your message:
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3. Shipping Address
If you would like us to ship a printed copy of the gift certificate (along with a FREE copy of the latest Liturgix CDLog) to the recepient, please provide us with the mailing address
Church/ Organization
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Please review the terms for using your gift certificate from Liturgix.com.
  • The gift certificates are redeemable for Liturgix.com merchandise (published in our CDLog and/or online web-store). To place an email order (liturgix@liturgix.com) or an online order (web-store located at http://www.liturgix.com) simply provide us with your unique gift certificate ID at the time of purchase.
  • Gift certificates cannot be used to purchase other gift certificates.
  • Gift certificates may not be returned for a cash refund or redeemed for cash or applied as payment on any account.
  • Any unused balance will be placed in the recipient's gift certificate account.
  • If your order exceeds the amount of your gift certificate, you must pay for the balance with a credit card or check (see Liturgix.com Payment Options).
Please feel free to contact us with additional questions, or should you have problems completing your form.
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